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Why Zombies?
By: Monique Morgan
Rise of the dead is far different than my other books. It is a YA book, and its Action and Adventure like the others, but something far different.

I have always had a LOVE for zombies. I have watched pretty much every zombie movie ever made… yes even zombie strippers!:) And I absolutely love zombie books. I enjoy promoting what I love, and I happily snap up new indie books when they are released. I am one of those weird people who has a zombie dream and wakes up sorry that it ended.

But all of my love for zombies didn’t make me want to write about them until recently. I had just finished Pursuer, and I was right in the middle of Dreamer, when I could not write another sentence. I couldn’t not write anything else until I got this story out that was spinning around my head.

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My favorite movie has to be Dawn of the Dead, for one main reason. Zombies were not slow moving duds, they were fast and deadly. It’s far scarier to have a rabid creature snapping at your feet, just dying to taste your flesh.

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I also loved Land of the Dead, because of another evolution in zombie lore. These zombies actually began to develop higher levels of thinking. What’s more exciting than combining the speed of a predator with the calculating mind of what I like to call the infected.

Rise of the Infected does exactly this. In the book there are two types of infected. There are the normal infected who move and act like the more main stream zombie, and then there are the screamers, a mutated representation of the infected, far more deadly than can be imagined.
This book starts the journey into a new type of zombie, and into the world of River Black.
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